This lovely sativa is arguably one of the most recognizable and popular strains in North America, and for good cause. It is named in honour of famed marijuana activist and author, Jack Herer himself and bred by Sensi Seeds with the intentions of creating a potent strain to keep you happy and uplifted. Jack Herer is a strain that will go down in the ages and is a favourite for good cause.

This strain is extremely potent and high in THC percentage for a pure sativa strain. You should not take Jack Herer lightly with its impressive THC concentration of 22%. Sensi Seeds crossed Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk to create this cerebral masterpiece. The effects of this sativa are very unique, and revolve around a heavy and heady high. Many stand by this strain for its euphoric, blissful and focused high. It is ideal for day-time usage, and the medical benefits are most effective when used in conjunction with the treatment of stress, depression, fatigue and physical pain or ailments.

The appearance of Jack Herer may vary from individual grower to grower due to it’s rich lineage and background. The buds are dense with bright fluorescent green leaves and purple tones. The aroma of this strain is very unique and distinct, although much like its appearance of each variation may differ. Jack Herer contains main notes of an earthy, piney scent with undertones of a bright, almost citrusy sweetness that is familiar with most sativa strains.

REVIEWS FOR Jack Herer (1 ounce)

Was not expecting to be this good in all honesty. This price is too good to be true for this strain. Definitely would buy again. Smell is 4/5, taste is 4/5. Definitely a hard hitter. Prepare your lungs! Good head high, would recommend smoking a solid 2gra

Brandon MB

The buds look exactly like the picture shown above and the description is spot on. It’s a really nice strain for wake and bake sessions that will not rob you out of your energy and still be capable of whatever it is you have to do but in a more mellow a

Berns Da Kush

Not a big fan of the smell, nice light high if your a light smoker an like getting things done

Andrew S

I had much higher expectations of this stuff than I what I actually got. The smell of the bud was interesting, but as soon as I smoked it I found it had an absolutley horrible taste. Hopefully future batches are of a higher standard, because I won’t buy

Ernest B

Je feel comme si j’aurais fumé du M-39 je crois que c’est la même affaire !

Bad Bwoy

I been smokeing since I was born man, I can smoke anything

Metro V

Really smooth taste and it gives you a really relaxing high

Frank d

It could very well just be me as I’m not a fan of OGK but I thought I’d give it a go. Very mild & short lived buzz.


Sometimes its not all about the buzz, sometimes its the fact it helps with the pain and gave me the muchies real bad eh. I would buy again for sure man.


Great Sativa for daytime and smokers that are new to sativa strains!


Very nice! Great value!

Funky F

Very good for the price. Perfect day-time weed for me.

Kush KC


Jack Herer is one of the most popular and well recognized strains in North America. This pure sativa strain was named in homage of famed cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer. Sensi Seeds is responsible for the creation of this enjoyable, tasty smoke and uplifting high.





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