Chemdawg Kush is a legendary popular strain. It represents the perfect balance of Sativa and Indica, characterized by a particularly strong effect. There is no accurate information about the origin of the variety. Among marijuana consumers, there is a perception that for the first time plants of this strain were bred by a single producer named Chemdog. However, this is apparently just a beautiful fairy tale. This is a hybrid with almost equal content of two types of cannabis (55% Indica and 45% Sativa). This ratio allows you to reveal the best sides of both and combine the relaxing effect with the euphoric state.

First of all, the strain is used to treat typical anxiety and depression. It also works well for headaches, PMS and migraines. Chemdawg Kush does not have a pronounced taste. At the same time, the strain is distinguished by a strong smell of diesel, which immediately comes immediately after smoking. That is why this variety is better not to use in public places.

Most users like that this strain makes the body heavy and the mind light. This type is especially popular among users of medical cannabis, as it copes well with headaches and nausea.

REVIEWS FOR Chemdawg Kush

Very happy with my purchase. Will buy again. Looking forward to trying other strains.

Milan Dr

Kind of reminds me of a lemon scent but I loved it and will definitely try some new strains soon:)


This strain is great all the way around.

Wallo Y

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I got the bottom of the barrel from the last batch, so I can’t give my usual 5stars for this one , hopefully the new batch looks better .


My first time coppin trees online, And it was a awesome first time experience. Order made it’s way to me in a very timely fashion.Was kinda skeptical at first tbh but damnnn this half zip of Chemdawg Kush was fire!! 😉 Lit a nice 2g Doobz in the OG pa

Ejay Es

amazing taste.. this strain is by far my favorite so far


Third time buying it and it’s so worth it for the price good weed and a nice high


I was a little surprised i thought it would have a better blueberry flavor but all in all it did the trick

Flickles A

My new favorite!!! Nice big buds, the taste is nice and smooth…love the energy I get after smoking this. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t leave you couch bound this stuff is amazing

Oking F

this was just ok for me. taste good


Would order again does it’s job to help my back, anxiety and relax

Alice w



THC: 15-20%

TYPE: Hybrid

Strain attributes:

Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing.

Flavors: Chemical, Diesel, Pine.





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