AK 47 Despite the ferocious name, AK-47 is a relaxing and mellowing strain. Although it is sativa dominant strain that packs an 65:35 sativa/indica ratio; you can look forward to a long lasting cerebral buzz upon your first few tokes. AK 47, The fusion of Thai, Mexican, Afghani, and Colombian varieties make AK-47’s scent strong and sour. In addition to its vivid lime green color, you can expect to see long and sticky orange hairs once you get your hands on this amazing bud. AK 47, Patients favor this strain because of its ability to alleviate pain and induce relaxation; so if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or pain, this strain is for you! AK-47 can walk the walk for the reputation that it has been given. This strain has won many awards for its high THC content including the Cannabis 

AK-47 is a Sativa-dominate hybrid with bright white coloring. Despite its violent name, the strain imparts a very mellow feeling and can even leave one stuck in a state of “couch lock”. It also leads to increased creativity. For the most part, however, AK-47 will leave you feeling uplifted, peaceful and euphoric. Many people enjoy using it while listening to music. Outside of dry mouth and eyes, the strain can also cause users to feel paranoid and sometimes dizzy. Some users also experience minor headaches Buy AK-47 Marijuana Strains. AK 47

Many users take advantage of the strain’s relaxing effect to relieve stress and anxiety. Others use it to take the edge off their chronic pains and aches. Insomniacs take 1-3 hits approximately an hour before bedtime to induce relaxation. They report an increase in the number of restful nights following this routine. AK 47

Those suffering from bipolar disorder, depression and other mood disorders use this strain to help relax and regulate their mood. The strain is also used to increase appetite as well as ease nausea and vomiting. AK 47

Four strains were used to create AK-47: Colombia (Sativa), Mexico (Sativa), Thai (Sativa) and Afghanistan (Indica). Genetically speaking, the strain is sixty-five percent Sativa and thirty-five percent Indica. Its THC levels stay close to average. Its CBDs and CBNs, however, can be as high as 1.5%. AK

REVIEWS FOR AK-47 (1 ounce)

I ordered a 65g of this. It was shipped fairly quickly and the packaging was good. The weed itself was, I want to say perfect, but nothing is, so I’ll say, it’s a pretty decent quality. It’s green, it’s smells really good and when you look at it,


I really like this one. it deliver a big punch perfect for bed time for me


Loved the uplifting feeling with the sweet scent/taste of this bud.


Nice buds. No shake at all. Enjoyable taste and smell. Overall good value.


Nice flavor,quick delivery,tight buds,great quality!!wow!!!10 out of 10

Rain D

very pretty nugs, awesome smell, texture and it has a pretty good taste


Great for the price especially taking advantage of the 6 ounce special Will order again


as usual the pricing on here is perfect for what you get, sometimes there’s a gem – this is maybe one, maybe it isn’t. I can’t decide.

Kushy chews

Good bud for the price Worth every dollar


This pot doesn’t make me cough at all, and that is great! I am glad I bought some.


Good flavour and smooth smoke

Jude N


Strain Name: AK-47

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 

65% Sativa / 35% Indica

THC: 13% – 20%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1

Medical Uses: Recommended for Anxiety, Pain and Depression





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