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REVIEWS FOR Smart Carts (6 carts)

I would say this is one of the few shops online that has well manufactured smart carts with no pesticides or whatever. I was skeptical in the beginning but I beat the doubt and gave it a try. Amazing prices too. Keep it up guys!!

Shane McKinney

Nothing special about these carts, pretty much the same thing you’ll get any where else

Manfred V

I looked up a different website to get my first vapeand carts. I got overcharged and very misinformed. Luckily I was recommended to go to this website. I was upset to find out the truth about my initial vape store experience but this site put me in the ri

Hindu H

The best carts and excellent customer service! Definitely recommend!!

Williams G

Absolutely one of the best carts in the market(my opinion). I can honestly say I’ve tried just about all of the flavors and there is definitely something for everyone’s taste buds. With an amazing product and outstanding customer service from the staf

Dylan W

Amazing product. Great customer service and all around, well established brand. Great flavors and awesome atmosphere! 10/10 would recommend!

Joe N

Best flavor selection, great staff, awesome prices.

Grant H

So, I have hit both Mango and Sour Diesel before writing this. Here’s what I have for you: Mango is like, a really heady, motivational pull. Have a toot in the morning and you won’t need the snooze button. You should probably still have that shower th


It seems to me that I may have run over the battery tube with my snow plow. Now, I’m not here to place blame. or to say “this person destroyed that property”. But I AM here to make it clear: after it dried out, that twisted little tube of power cont


By far my favorite of the options, haven’t got around to trying any of the cbd options yet!

Chan H

Also, if you’re more into flavour then this is a definite must try


I bought this pen around the end of January beginning of February and I first ordered GCG and it was a really good strain and lasted until a couple of days ago ( My brother and I were hauling ass on this to like 7-8 pulls every time 3-4 times a day (not r

Mobil P


Smart Carts:

Available : Indica...Sativa and Hybrid carts 

Good.smooth,sweet flavor





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