If you like a quality, moist cbd dab, then this may be just what you’ve been seeking.

This comes from a Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (whole plant).  However, since this comes from a different plant line than our other cbd hemp products, the amount of “other” cannabinoids found in this product is different than our other products.  The non-CBD cannabinoids are naturally lower in this product due to the plant strain, while the CBD is incredibly high.

Cannabidiol Wax or CBD Crumble is produced with just alcohol and water.  It is the cleanest form of CBD you can find on the market.  Made from only the best organic hemp. We’ve added blueberry OG terpene to this particular wax and we do so only to enhance your experience dabbing experience.

REVIEWS FOR Straw-Nana CBD Wax Dab

Nice High and you can’t go wrong

Mimi H

Good stuff for the price point, nice and smooth.

Cornell F

Really good! You can tell it’s quality stuff. Why can’t they just put it in parchment paper? The little containers are a pain to open!

Caj M

Love love love!

Nadia N

good deal

Chloe Y

They need to fix the lids they put on the jars. Mine it breaking apart from the amount of force it takes to open one. Be aware not the same packaging as you see in the picture.


island extracts are top notch. I got guru, dr. Bubbles, and i actually forgot what the other was. However, they are super potent and i won a free gram! Lids are really on there though,literally mangled mine with a knife to get it off.

Marceau G

Its on the way cant wait

Milla J

Top shelf product, taste is impeccable and the crumble texture is exactly as described. I’m really happy with this purchase and would highly recommend island extracts.

Greg S

wow i am impress!!! 3 of them have really nice flavor !! i love this 🙂



Rich in over 75% THC. CBD: 2.40%, plus approx 9.4% CBG, 1.5% CBN, .8% CBDv, .12% CBDa and 4% terpenes.





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