Select’s distillates are the purest, terpene infused, high-end cannabis oil extract. These Elite cartridges flavorful, effective, and pleasurable vape experience. Select Elite Distillate Cartridges are available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Select cartridges started in Oregon and made their way to California. We bought the product in the bay area. The potency of their Elite version distillate oil ranges between 75 and 95% THC. The online reviews about this brand are mixed.

We also ranked the Select oil cartridge in our list of best THC oil cartridges for 2018. What makes this brand stand out from other cannabis oil manufacturers is its wide selection of popular strains. Inside of these carts is cannabis concentrate oil and terpenes.

REVIEWS FOR Select - Elite - 1g Cartridge

You can just tell when something is made well. With all of the features and beautiful parts, I’m very impressed so far and I’m betting on it lasting a long time in the market

Nelson G

So many cartridges out there are poorly made & unreliable. This is quality made & very dependable. Sleek design & intelligent design

Boss-man H

Execellent quality

Boris H

Awesome! Very smooth pull

Vidal N

Best Products, Warranty and Customer Service

Lorna D

Looks great, very discreet. Works even better. I have been taking them for about 2 months, not one issue. 👍


Fast and reliable services.


Good products combined with good services. Customer support always there to help you out.


Makes life easy. A must try.

Lord G

Gives you a good vaping experience.

Dr Alan

Smooth delivery Top notch products

John B

I have two different vape from different makers and this is the better one


Ever since I used this bran new its been hurting to pull off of and I can’t even get a good pull because it burns my throught so bad. Maybe I just so happen to get a dud ….


This is the third or fourth vape pen I have had the pleasure of using (second from this site). This is hands down the best one. So easy to us. Just be careful you don’t lose this little devil or it’ll be happily in the hands of someone who mingles in


Just got it today along wit two free preerolls which was awesome can’t complain about free weed i also ordered sour desiel , blueberry , and pineapple they were all awesome I couldn’t be happier except the pineapple one doesn’t work I was pretty dis

Mundy J

The battery kinda sucks only for a few discrete hootsthroughthe day and loses its effect after a few good hauls


This is great way to unwind but doesn’t give that burn out feeling so it can be smoked all day.


On my 3rd cartridge. Tried tangerine , mango and sour diesel. Sour diesel was my favourite cause its the strongest but least discrete . Ive had pen for 7 weeks no problem with battery yet


Bought in March. Pretty happy with it but it stopped working already. No idea why. And now I have refills I can’t use unless I buy another. Ugh



THC 75 and 95%

Available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.





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