Strawberry Cough is an award-winning sativa strain focused on taste and stress-relieving properties while boosting creativity and energy levels. It was created in 2000 by former High Times editor Kyle Kushman, the master breeder himself. The strain is a cross between Strawberry Fields and evergreen Haze.

The strain’s lush flowers are large and chunky, and contrary to its sativa genetics, Strawberry Cough is more reminiscent of typical but in its structure. It has bulky and densely packed leaves, with sativa genes showing in between with the bud’s conical shape.

Unlike other cannabis strains, the Strawberry Cough variety is threaded through with red pistils rather than orange ones. The leaves are sticky and covered with cloudy amber trichomes that add even more magic to its already exotic appearance.

Once you open the jar of your freshly bought Strawberry Cough, you’ll notice a scent of juicy strawberries with a slight kick of peppery spice. More interestingly, the aroma carries over to the strain’s scent, delivering the initial taste of strawberries with even more sweetness on the exhale. Keep in mind to inhale it with caution, though, as the “Cough” name didn’t come out of the blue.

Smoking Strawberry Cough’s buds allows you to experience a thoughtful high that arrives rapidly. While users may initially feel unsettled, this strain can make your senses razor-sharp in the right setting. Strawberry Cough works great for promoting inspirational conversations and is also capable of motivating people to easily get through mundane tasks. On top of that, Strawberry Cough has a unique way of making one open for new, non-linear concepts, which is invaluable for creative minds.

This genuine sativa is the ultimate mental health strain, acting almost immediately to relief a range of psychological conditions, from ADD to ADHD to anxiety to seasonal affective disorder. However, as the strain is quite potent, it’s advisable to start with small doses, working your way up to the sweet spot without facing potential side effects linked to overusing THC.

As the name implies, Strawberry Cough can get pretty hard on your throat. You can expect a bit of coughing, which can worsen the cottonmouth. Other than that, the strain doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects; unless, of course, you go way overboard with its buds. Then, anxiety and paranoid thinking can start knocking at your door. Fortunately, these side effects don’t last too long, so don’t panic and try to calm yourself with a couple of deep breaths.

Strawberry Cough flowers within 9 weeks when grown indoors and in late October when grown outdoors. The buds are larger than the average, and with sturdy stems and branches, the plant doesn’t usually call for extra support.

REVIEWS FOR Strawberry Cough (1 ounce)

I was expecting something sweet and strong and I really couldn’t get a good high off of this strain. I would compare the taste and high to a really weak Nuken.

Tim M

Ordered Strawberry Cough, When I Received The Package I Opened It…What A Strawberry Scent, Really Enjoyed This Strain..Told All My Friends About This Awesome Weed…Would Recomend To All Weed Smokers……

Harrison N

this drain gives you a nice high but definitely does make you cough. So it does live up to the name. Lol. I personally am a joint smoker and find it’s a bit much as far as harshness goes. But many people I know have had it through a water bong and absol

Musty Berry

Nice high smooth smoke. On of the better sativas I’ve had.

Monkey J

nicely flavored buds that are good for anytime use

William S

I found this batch to be much better than the last.

John H

I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t choke on it – very smooth and the high lasted a while. Would definitely buy again…

Mrs Queen

Covered in crystals, smells nice, not dried out, smokes and tastes great. Perfect day time smoke. Thanks again GR love your service.


Not the highest THC content around but makes for a very chill smoke session.

Terry G

Look up Strawberry cough before you order because is not for everyone. It makes for a very harsh smoke so not suggested for the inexperianced. Use a bong or a good vape to get the best effects!

Krad H

This is good weed Good taste Long lasting high Nice come down

Justin L

These nugs are so big and dense it looked like half a bag. But once I busted it up you see how much is packed into each nug. Wasnt nearly as harsh as the name suggested imo

Ashley S

Very nice bag apeal great smoke awsome taste great buzz late night smoke to keep you going


Cant believe how dense the nugs are. No need to chase this one, very potent!

Maurice H

Beautiful looking weed. Not that harsh in my opinion and the taste is nice. Smoked well and I also noticed that the high lasted a long time. I recommend this for sativa users.


Fluffier buds this batch but the quality is still there. I order this all the time, love it.

Carlson B

I’d rate the smell a 4 out of 5 but definitely a 5 for smoke. Amazing sativa

Shane B

These are some beautiful budz here !! Nice n chunky, dense and the aroma is mouth watering. The flavour on the other hand, wasn’t there for me and that is the reason for the 4 🌟 review. The effects were bang on. Definitely some quality Strawberry Cou

Buckner F

The smell is nice and fruity right as you crack the bag open. Similar to the smell of tropicana cookies that I got before. The high is very nice had me clear and focused and lasted a long time. Super dense when trying to be squeezed, was very surprised ho

Martial B

2nd time buying this. Just as good as last time.

Miriam G

Really enjoy this strain it smells delish. A good one for day time use

Bernard H

One of the best….highly recommend

Daisy N

Great sweet taste and smell. A bit heavier but didn’t make me cough often. Wakes you up and get you giggling with creativity

Saurson M

Un des meilleurs sativa que j’ai pu gouter. Je vous le conseil fortement.

Oneal J

One of my least favorites from GR. The buds were extremely small for the most part. It was pretty weak feeling too, didn’t really like it. It does taste good though

Lucy N

Beautiful strawberry taste. Knocks me right out so glad I got this!!!!

Chester H


15% and 20% of THC. The highest THC content of Strawberry Cough (22.98%) was scored by Emerald Cannabis Works in 2001. The sativa genes and moderate amounts of THC make its buds perfect for daytime use.





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