White Widow is a hybrid that has the Widow’s classic aromatic profile (woodsy and piney from the terpinolene and alpha-pinene terpenes) and visual properties (dense flowers with a coating of white trichomes that give it its name). It’s grown indoors and sun-enriched to improve its dense flower structure, and then slow-dried, artisan-cured and hand-polished. White Widow has strong THC potency.


REVIEWS FOR White widow (1 ounce)

Very nice strain right here. Mine wasn’t too dry as others have mentioned maybe a different part of the bag for my Ozs? But really nice nugs and the counts were about the biggest I got in an Oz. Has a really nice dank fruity kind of smell. I could smell

Hunder N

Amazing strain the look,taste smell the way it was packaged,awesome GR👌

Wonder Boy

huge nugs caked in trichomes was really impressed by the high. all around great smoke.

Miracle M

2nd time ordering this strain right here its amazing taste,looks texture the entire nugs are caked with trichomes,yummy yummy


Decent looking and smelling buds. Smokes nice and smooth. My Oz was a little on the dry side (I like my buds fresher), but the weight is always right on or a little over. Never short from GK. Will try again next time it comes in.


Looks amazing and the high is excellent as well.

Jock K

Picked this one up I think 3 times. Not just based on price but this is a real best bang for your buck bud. If it’s like this all the time it comes in stock it’s definitely going into my cart.


Very dense, sticky, well trimmed. beautiful smell. Hits very unique.

Hunter D

small nugs..was a little dry…not really overpowering but will get you high.


I wish I could give this more than 5 stars cause it’s just the BEST hybrid I’ve smoked in a long time. Amazing high, perfect for day smoking or hanging with friends, but also great to chill and watch tv at night. Love it!


I ordered this twice before this time was fire this timenleafy and just not great at all I’ve bought better strains for 189 from here aa at best this time

Ryan J


THC..14.0 - 21.0%

CBD..0.0 - 1.0%


TERPENES..Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Terpinolene, Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene





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