EVOLAB’s Alchemy cannabis oil is a combination of their potent Chroma oil, with a strain specific terpene concentrate focusing on heavy flavor profiles. The all metal cartridge is the perfect delivery mechanism, sporting larger than average air inlets and oil holes, all in a leak-proof design. The durable tank is also designed to be refillable so once the oil runs out, stop back in for a 1000mg refill. Best kept upright, disconnected from the 510 thread battery when not in use and kept out of extreme heat and cold. Max voltage

REVIEWS FOR Evolab | Alchemy Cartridge – 500mg

Not my favorite but it is a good one

Wetland D

It is definitely worth the try and it has a lot of health benefits too. What I like the most about this shop is its product selection

Jersey B

I am a cannabis enthusiasts and i put emphasis on carts and vapes, and this product is top shelf and a must try. I highly recommend it

Lt more

I always like trying new things and it got its twist but this was definitely not one of them . I am happy with the fact that i came across this product online and i am happy i got to try it

Oscar l

It was a bit leaky and sticky but the product was very good and tasty! ESP considering the lack of PG!

Bryan p

I love the product and it’s effects but the tip in itself is terrible with the leakage. So far this has been one of the more enjoyable strains I’ve sampled but my only hesitation in repurchasing is the sticky mess.


compact punch each toke, with vanilla sweet taste, yummy actually. Im almost done my refill which lasted me almost two weeks, try to only use it only in times i need to be discreet Or on the go no time to roll or pack a bowl lol very convenient. Love it!!


Loved these products low heat and a couple rips is all I need . Loved these products low heat and a couple rips is all I need .


It really tastes like those old school Duncan Hines rainbow cupcakes

Patrick T

super sweet vanilla-y flavour. just a couple inhales are enough for me to relax, and uplift



EvoLab’s cartridges are one of the best designs we have ever seen. Each hit feels smooth and powerful. The opening at the top is wide and comes with an easily adjustable airflow valve to make your hit feel exactly how you want it! The metal casing is strong, durable, and nearly leak-proof making great for on-the-go.





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